Canoe Calzone

Canoe Calzone

Open Faced Calzone

A Canoe Calzone.  Yup, that’s what I’m calling it.  And isn’t the name so fitting.  Sure, maybe this really exists somewhere else and maybe it’s even got another name, but for now, this is how I’ll refer to it.  The truth is, I didn’t come up with it either.  When I sat down and ordered a Calzone off a Menu at a Restaurant here recently, this is how it came, more or less.  And I felt like it was a good idea, minus the Marinara Sauce they served because it really sucked.  But if you want to serve yours with Marinara or Pizza Sauce, more power to ya.  I’m sure your recipe will taste just fine.  But, if you need a Pizza Sauce recipe, I’ve got one for you.  Just CLICK HERE!  Also, if you are needing a Pizza Dough recipe CLICK HERE as well for the original post, because you are going to need one if you’re going to make this Canoe Calzone Recipe.  You can also make one giant calzone by following this recipe.

You really won’t need any other ingredients list to make these Calzones, because you can put anything you want in them.  So I’ll just include the tutorial on how to fold them below.  And I might as well double stack the videos for you so you can see how to make the dough.  It’s an old video, but it’s accurate.  Let me know how you like these Canoe Calzones in the Comments.

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