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Poor Man’s Gourmet Kitchen is the direct result of my struggles to put food on the table after my Layoff. I didn’t have a Job so I created one to prove that gourmet meals can be affordable and cooked right in the comfort of our own homes. These recipes have titles everyone is familiar with, but, with low budget ingredient alternatives to minimize the cost of gourmet restaurant prices. I aim to teach, please and inspire you to try these simple recipes so that you might enjoy fine dining at home as you gain the praise of your companion and/or company. Teaching you how to incorporate products into simple gourmet dishes will not only improve your skills but also show you how easy it can be done from any Kitchen; with cheaper, convenient substitutions that will not only blow your mind, but insure that most no one will be able to, ever, tell the difference. Welcome to the Poor Man’s Gourmet Kitchen! But just so you know, it all started like this……

I was on the road working Heavy Industrial Construction.  Back to back, I helped build the largest Coal Power Plant and Expand the biggest Fuel Refinery in the nation.  Then the lay offs came, with no work to be found.  So between unemployment, food stamps and a constant battle to get an application through the door, anywhere, I  thought it might be a good idea to strategist and attempt to utilize one of my other talents; cooking.  So I started a YouTube Channel and Poor Man’s Gourmet Kitchen was born.  

Renting a furnished apartment, I had very little space with minimal cookware and plates.  I barely even had a semi sharp knife at the time.  And believe it or not, in the beginning, this entire site was only made possible by the multitasking of my cell phone. All video footage, photographs and web editing was being brought to you by a 3G touchscreen Android.  And It is from that humble abode, unemployed and on Food Stamps that I started Poor Man’s Gourmet Kitchen!

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