Crash Course:The Poor Man’s Gourmet Kitchen!

I’m on the road…working for a living; imagine that!  Out of the convenience of traveling so much for work and always being the few and far between, I’m currently renting a “furnished” apartment with a kitchen to die for. And when I say to die for I mean if you saw it you would die! No space, no counter space; no counters; well at least not on the sides of the stove where counters should be; just an empty space where counters use to be. There are two ways in; an entrance at the front door and an exit out the back to the dining area slash HALLWAY! I have a refrigerator that is lucky to have a freezer. Not just because it’s small but because it already crapped out on me and the maintenance replaced the motor. I have a few cupboards, a few shelves, some cookware, minimal dishes and a semi sharp knife. And believe it or not, this entire site has only been made possible by the multitasking of my cell phone.  All video footage, photographs and web edting is being brought to you by a 3G touchscreen Android. And It is from this humble abode I bring to you The Poor Man’s Gourmet Kitchen!

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Trenton Holland

Poor Man's Gourmet Kitchen

I'm just a regular guy in search of his bliss and I find that bliss in food and all of its many cultural differences. A very seasoned and experience chef taught me how to use my pallet to best serve and prepare a dish with all of its natural flavors from other foods before ever introducing “forced flavoring”, such as salt. My goal isn’t just to teach how to incorporate these products into simple gourmet dishes but to show, how easy, it can be done from anyone's Kitchen with cheaper, convenient substitutions that will not only blow your mind, but insure that most no one will be able to ever tell the difference! Welcome to The Poor Man’s Gourmet Kitchen!

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