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I am very pleased to announce that Poor Man’s Gourmet kitchen (PMGK), has excepted a partnership with Collective Digital Studios (CDS), a certified partner and Network on YouTube!  In the words of my talent manager, “CDS represents and invests in some of the most influential creators from all corners of the digital ecosystem, as well as TV and Film. We oversee one of the most popular, premium networks on YouTube, partnering with channels like Epic Meal Time, Fred, The Annoying Orange, iiSuperwomanii, Mamrie Hart, My Drunk Kitchen, Rhett and Link, Video Game High School, ilikeweylie, Pomplamoose and The Fowler Sisters to name a few. CDS has also had a lot of success partnering with notable websites, personalities and brands – most recently we re-launched Mashable’s video and YouTube channel with a seven figure sponsorship secured from Verizon, and since partnering with Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show channel six months ago we have increased his audience by 425%, and doubled his subscribers.”

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As you may know, PMGK puts together popular gourmet recipes and films short 5 to 10 Minute video tutorials, to take you straight to making homemade food, just as exciting as your favorite Restaurant experiences.  Videos that include no nonsense waiting times, no goofy chefs milking the spotlight, just simple honest cooking that gets right to the point to insure your understanding of each recipe is the same as any Restaurant chefs!   It is my hope that Collective Digital Studios is going to be able to help Poor Man’s Gourmet Kitchen reach more house holds that are interested in a refreshing new look and balance in their budget to cook gourmet meals.  Because PMGK believes that eating at home should be more if not just as enjoyable as eating any where else.  Any changes to the videos and to the site are still with in 100%  of PMGK’s control, and will only and always be made to help improve and enhance your visual and user friendly experience!  Thank you so much for Joining and Participating in this journey with me as I strive on a daily basis to bring you more no nonsense video tutorials to help you cook Simple Gourmet Recipes at a Low Budget Wonder!  CLICK HERE to Subscribe to PMGK’s YouTube Channel, then click the Red “Subscribe” button on the right!

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Trenton Holland

Poor Man's Gourmet Kitchen

I'm just a regular guy in search of his bliss and I find that bliss in food and all of its many cultural differences. A very seasoned and experience chef taught me how to use my pallet to best serve and prepare a dish with all of its natural flavors from other foods before ever introducing “forced flavoring”, such as salt. My goal isn’t just to teach how to incorporate these products into simple gourmet dishes but to show, how easy, it can be done from anyone's Kitchen with cheaper, convenient substitutions that will not only blow your mind, but insure that most no one will be able to ever tell the difference! Welcome to The Poor Man’s Gourmet Kitchen!

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