Beef Chuck Bottom Round Roast Beef

Roast BeefSlow Cooker Roast Beef!

Yes, this Roast Beef recipe is done in a Slow Cooker, so let’s just get that out in the open right now.  There’s two reasons why I like to do it this way.  The first is because I like my Roasts Tender, Succulent and I like them to have a ton of Juicy Flavor.  I like to put my fork into it and have the beef shred apart as I pull it across my plate.  Anyone that doesn’t like their Roast Beef like that is either I liar or just retarded (no offense).  The second reason is very simple and I think that everyone can relate.  Preparing this in a slow cooker only takes me 5 minutes, and I love that!

The down side to a slow cooker is just that, it’s SLOW!  I usually plan a minimum of 12 to 15 hours of Roasting before I even pop the lid.  Oh but when I do, the aroma of flavors that fills my nostrils with such a pleasant fragrance, I can barely stand to not tear into the Roast immediately and choke down a burning mouth and throat.  My Roasts are that good and Ironically that simple to make.  This recipe in my mind doesn’t even need to be broken down into step by step ingredient amounts in measurements.  This is one of those eyeball recipes.  All you do is heavily salt and pepper both front and back, and completely cover with Italian herb Seasoning and Oregano.  That mixture in the Crock-Pot will make the most flavorful roast and give you the best stock to make other dishes with.  If you like to make gravy with your stock, this is the recipe for you.  But, if you’re interested in seeing what I do with it, then you might want to stick around for my Stroganoff recipe I’m posting next!

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