Scones – Steak House Style Fry Bread


The Best Scones are Utahan

Utah Scones are popular in the Midwest. It’s mostly served in Steak Houses. Some refer to it as the “Utah Scone” because some believe it’s where it originated from. It isn’t the traditional English Scone that looks more like a cookie biscuit. So if you’re looking for that, bummer. You found something better!  I can vouch from personal experience.  I grew up with these served in my School lunch on a regular bases and kids just loved them.  There was even a Restaurant in town called “Scone Cutters” that would serve them any way you wanted them.  You can have these with honey butter, topped like Indian Fry Bread or made like a Sandwich.  It doesn’t really matter and it’s all up to you.  So if you’ve never tried one of these Scones before, you’re in for a real treat.  There’s a nice article written about the history and tradition of scone HERE if you are interested!

Scones 3Scones Ingredients:

1 cup water, hot
1 tablespoon active dry yeast
1/3 cup oil or melted shortening
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup sugar
3 1/2 cups flour, sifted
1 egg, beaten
2 quarts frying oil (i.e., safflower or canola oil)

Instructions for Scones

To make these Scones, mix 3 tablespoons of warm water with yeast adding a pinch of sugar. Set aside for 10 minutes for yeast to activate and foam.  In the meantime, combine hot water, oil (or melted shortening), salt, and sugar in a large bowl.  Once the yeast has activated, add egg to the yeast mixture. Mix well.  Add the egg/yeast mixture to the oil/sugar mixture. Stir well.  Gradually add flour stirring well after each addition. Knead the dough as it stiffens until you get a doughy, elastic consistency. About 5 minutes.  Then place dough in a well-greased bowl, turning once to grease the top. Let dough rise for about 30 minutes or until double in size.  Be sure to watch the short video tutorial and I’ll show you exactly how to make a Utah Scones.

Salted Baked Potato

The Best Baked Potato is Salted

The very best Baked Potatoes, in my opinion, are made with Russet Potatoes.  And, since Russets are cheap, we can buy a huge bag of them because their shelf life is long and extensive too.  I know that everyone thinks they know how to make a Baked Potato these days.  Just throw it in the oven and bake it for an hour, right?  Well, sure.  That is, if you’re looking for a basic flavorless potato, be my guest.  But if you want that crispy, salty potato skin, there’s a few simple steps you need to follow in order to make your Baked Potato rock and, yep, the secret to a great Baked Potato is Margarita or Kosher Salt.  Salt is cheap to, so that makes this recipe a win-win.  The only spendy ingredient is the Olive Oil but you can use vegetable or Canola Oil and your Baked Potato will still turn out great.

Preparing a Baked Potato

First, in order to make a Baked Potato, you need to clean those Russets.  Clean all of your potatoes before you stab them with a fork.  Four to five punctures on two sides of each potato is perfect.  Then drizzle olive oil over the top of each one and rub the skin with your hands until the potato is fully coated.  The next step is just as easy.  Sprinkle Margarita or Kosher Salt over the top and turn each one over and repeat.  This is a Steakhouse trade secret, for those Salted Baked Potatoes we all love so much.  Why Margarita or Kosher salt?  Because its good!  It’s very light and fluffy, and doesn’t over whelm your pallet when you’re eating it.  Then bake at 350 degrees f. for an hour.  If you’re baking 4 or more potatoes, add 15 minutes for each additional potato.

Salted Baked Potato Ingredients:

Russet Potatoes
1/2 tsp Olive Oil, per potato
1/2 tsp Margarita or Kosher Salt, per potato
Your favorite toppings

Bake for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, until fork tender.  Be sure to watch the short video tutorial and I’ll show you just how easy it is to make a Salted Baked Potato.