Reubon Sandwich

Classic Reubon Sandwich prepared on Dark Rye Bread.

The Best Reubon Sandwich

This St. Patrick’s Day, I’m celebrating with one of the most perfectly balanced meals ever created; the Reubon Sandwich with a side of Pickle and Salt and Vinegar potato chips. It’s the only sandwich, in my opinion, that tops a grilled cheese and since the Irish are known for their Corned Beef, what else could possibly be more fitting.

2 lbs. of both Sliced Corned Beef and Pastrami sandwich meat.

Reubon Sandwich with Pastrami or Corned Beef

In my opinion, a Reubon Sandwich can be made with either Pastrami or Corned Beef. Why not both? They’re both made from Beef Brisket, usually. The main difference is that Pastrami is cured with a dry rub and smoked and Corned Beef is cured with a brine only. Put together in this recipe, very few can tell the difference. Personally, I think it’s the tang from the thousand Island dressing that keeps the taste buds from deciphering. In this recipe, however, I use both just to eliminate the confusion and get the best of both worlds.

Classic slices of Swiss Cheese.

Reubon Sandwich with Sauerkraut and Cheese

There are a few more essential ingredients that make a Reubon Sandwich amazing. One is the Sauerkraut. If you make it your self, great, if not you can pull it strait from a jar and use it straight away or saute it with butter and some slice onion. I show you how to do it in my Frankfurter recipe post. I’m wishing now that I snapped some Sauerkraut pics but I didn’t.

The Swiss Cheese is one of the other main ingredients and since a Reubon Sandwich is grilled, the cheese melts in there with the beef and the sour kraut. With the melding of the Thousand Island Dressing, you’ve got one hell of sandwich. Traditionally, it’s served with potato chips and a pickle.

How to make a Reubon Sandwich video tutorial by PoorMansGourmetKitchen

Reubon Sandwich Ingredients:

8 Slices Dark Rye Bread
8 Slices Corned Beef
8 Slices Pastrami
8 Slices Swiss Cheese
1 cup Sauerkraut
1/4 cup Thousand Island Dressing
1/2 cup Softened Butter
Salt and Pepper to taste

Boneless Ribeye Roast

The Perfect Ribeye Roast

A Boneless Ribeye Roast is just the bulk of a Prime Rib with out ribs. So, what’s left? You got it, steak and it’s the easiest thing in the world to prepare. Olive Oil, Kosher Salt and Black Pepper is all you’re going to need to make a perfect roast but there’s a few other tricks up my sleeve you might consider before abandoning this article and just trying it out on your own, first.

Aged Ribeye Roast

If you’ve ever had an aged steak, you probably paid top dollar and it was worth every penny, right? Well, I can’t afford top dollar steaks but I want top dollar results. So, I picked up this little electric smoker to add some amazing flavor and texture to my roast. The results are tremendous. This tiny thing isn’t design to cook a roast this size but just a few hours of smoke makes a world of difference. The added flavor is unbelievable and it gives the outside of the Ribeye Roast a texture very similar to aged beef. Just look at the color difference, between the before and after pics, of the meat.

Ribeye Roast Sear

Most folks cook their Ribeye Roast twice at two different temperatures. A higher temp for a shorter period of time first, to get the color, and lower temp at length for the cooking of the entire roast. An alternative, however, is a quick pan sear. You only need a minute on each side and then you’re ready to roast in the oven, slow and low.

There are a few more ingredients that you might want to consider before putting it in the oven, though, especially around the holidays. Try adding some chopped garlic and some rosemary or thyme to the top of the roast and just spread it out evenly. Also, if you are cooking a Boneless Ribeye Roast, be sure use a roasting pan with a rack so the bottom doesn’t get soggy.

Here’s a recipe for my Prime Rib Standing Rib Roast.

Boneless Ribeye Roast Time & Temp

I cook my Ribeye Roast at a lower temperature, in my video tutorial, than what is shown here in the chart. It’s only a 25 degree difference but I believe in the slow and low method to achieve tender results. I also use a thermometer instead of guessing the amount of time. This way, hitting my core temp, I can ensure a perfect roast every time. So, it’s something that you might want to consider but here’s a chart for you none the less.

Boneless Ribeye Roast Ingredients:

1 Boneless Ribeye Roast
2 tbsp Olive Oil
Kosher Salt and Pepper, spread evenly

Bake at 325 degrees Fahrenheit until you reach your desired internal temperature. Follow the chart above for a perfect Ribeye Roast.

Turkey Gravy

The Best Turkey Gravy

I am of the opinion that the very best Turkey Gravy is made from the renderings of a Roasted Turkey that was seasoned and brined.  So hopefully you followed my Turkey Brine recipe or at least made one before you cooked your bird because this gravy recipe depends on it.  There aren’t many additional ingredients to this recipe because most of the ingredients are already there, cooked into the turkey.  So, if you’re getting exhausted and you’re looking for an amazing gravy recipe that is easy to prepare… this is the recipe for you!

Traditional vs. Gourmet Turkey Gravy

Traditional Turkey Gravy is made virtually the same with only a few subtle differences.  Gourmet gravy has flavors most folks don’t think about that profoundly effect the flavor, like citrus.  Some use lemon… I use orange, some use sherry or wine… I use beer but either way, these all produce gravy that is out of this world.  All of the other ingredients, as I mentioned before, come from the marination of the brine and the added ingredients to the roasted bird.

My Roasted Turkey, for example, is stuffed with onion, oranges and seasoned butter stuffed under the skin of the breast meat.  These ingredients, cooked down in the oven, produce drippings that create the most wonderful flavor and that’s why we use it to make gravy.  Traditional gravy uses this method as well only the gravy base is usually started with butter and flavor to make a roux.  You can do that too, if your prefer, but I keep the flour out of my recipe and I use a small amount of corn starch instead, to thicken the gravy.  I also often start my gravy recipes with bacon grease instead of the butter, because that adds more flavor as well.  Other than the addition of the fruit, tomato and rosemary, everything else is basically the same.  It’s also common to make a stock, using the turkey giblets, and add that to the gravy for flavor but that will be up to you.

Turkey Gravy Ingredients:

1 Onion, chopped
2 Oranges, pealed and separated
1 Sprig Rosemary
1/4 cup Cider
Add all of the Roasted Turkey Drippings
1/2 can Beer
2 tbsp Corn Starch, mixed with 2 tbsp water
Salt and Pepper to taste, I use white pepper.

Be sure to follow the instructions in the Turkey Gravy video tutorial and I’ll show you just how easy this is to make.