A Succulent Turkey Every Time!


I’ve got a lot going on this week, as everybody does but my wife and I are even celebrating our Anniversary, so I’m not quite certain if I’ll be getting any other recipes up this week.  Though I do want to remind everyone that I have filmed several Holiday recipes and even a few twists on a few classics.   So definitely take advantage of the Holiday Video Play list On the Lower Right side of this Page.  I do think it is important to mention a little something about the bird that Most everyone will be eating this Thanksgiving Holiday.  Turkey’s need to be Brined. If you are looking for seasoned succulent meat that isn’t dependent on gravy, has a ton of flavor and is so tender you’d think a pro baked it, Brine that turkey.  I did have the perfect Video to show you how to do it step by step but the food network made all of the users take them down and I can’t find it anywhere. The point is, there is a science behind the brine and that’s why it works so well. I’ll film a video on it soon so we don’t have to worry about it being taken down. In the meantime, check out the baking weight and time chart down below.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.