100,000 Subscribers YouTube Award

Finally 100,000 Subscribers

It’s been a long time coming, reaching 100,000 Subscribers.  At least for me, it hasn’t been an easy feat.  I started Poor Man’s Gourmet Kitchen(PMGK) in early 2012.  I didn’t take it that seriously at first because I didn’t know what I was doing.  In fact, I got talked into it.  I didn’t know much about YouTube and I certainly didn’t realize, at the time, that people were creating channels and filming tutorial “Do It Yourself” videos.  So, in the beginning, I shot half ass instructional’s with my cell phone and I posted, in my opinion, TERRIBLE videos of great recipes.  I didn’t have a clue about filming, editing, acting, presentation or anything about blogging and using social media to get my recipes out there.  I also grossly underestimated how quickly the cooking community would grow, with YouTube Channels and Facebook pages.  The competition, in the last 5 years has advanced 10 times what it was when I began.  So it’s amazing that my videos get seen at all.  But, as you all know, I have finally figured out a way to present recipes in a professional manner.

Really, 100,000 Subscribers?

So, technically, I have 100,000 Subscribers but my video views and my engagement sucks.  This means, when I release a video it doesn’t get many hits and/or much commentary, good or bad.  I’d like to conclude that I’m such an amazing teacher, nobody has any questions to ask, discuss or debate.  But the fact that a new video release only gets 2 to 3k views, out of 100k subscribers in it’s entirety, is oddly suspicious.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful to all of you that are loyal PMGK fans and don’t miss a video or blog post.  With out you, I probably wouldn’t be getting any hits at all.  But, understand that I can’t give away perks that make following a Channel and a Blogger fun with out more engagement.  More engagement=more hits, more hits=more exposure, more exposure=more clicks, more clicks=more income.

I’m not a wealthy channel with a catchy name, unfortunately.  I don’t have a second job paying the bills, either.  Other than my own family, wife and 3 kids, I take care of my 80 year old mother, too.  So this is it and this is what I want to do and, so far, I have given away everything, to you, for FREE.  Even this website is completely add free and I want to keep it that way but it’s just not realistic.  That’s why I set up a Patreon Page so that fans can help me continue the daily maintenance of this website, YouTube, recipe trial and errors, filming, editing, writing and social media advertising.  It’s expensive.

Equipment isn’t cheap, you know, and unfortunately I’m not having much success with my Patreon Page.  I have the same 9 patrons, that donate $1-$5 dollars a month, that signed up when I launched my Patreon page, last December, 2017.  I’m very grateful to them but it amounts to a pay out of $25 dollars a month.  Not each, total and That’s it.  My YouTube Channel pays $2 to $3 dollars cpm, if I’m lucky, with an average of 300k hits a month and as you well know I don’t make anything from this blog/website, because I disabled all of the adds that pay me, as an incentive to all of you to become a Patron.  So all of you complainers that say my recipes aren’t “budget friendly” can kiss my ass, because I AM LIVING PROOF THAT THEY ARE!

100,000 Subscribers GIVEAWAY!

Because my YouTube Channel, poormansgourmet, was rapidly approaching 100,000 Subscribers, I decided to put together and, once again, give away for “FREE” the first downloadable PMGK App from the Google Playstore.  It can easily be found by clicking the link above or doing a quick search, on the app store, for Poor Man’s Gourmet Kitchen or PMGK.  It’s that simple and I hope you enjoy the app.  It’s just as easy to use as this website and it just puts a little PMGK Icon in your apps so that you can easily access my recipes at the push of a button.  It’s my way of thanking all of you for all of the support you’ve shown me over the years and hopefully many more to come.  My family and I have sacrificed a lot to make this happen and I haven’t had a supporter even near as great as my wife.  Thank you for helping me reach 100,000 Subscribers!