Double Ground Beef Burger (DGB Burger)

DGB Burger Main Pic

A Great Burger

I love a Double Ground Beef Burger. Some people don’t and they’re very particular about how they want their meat. Some people think they know but really don’t.  And because a hamburger is so commonly found on just about every street corner in America these days, everyone’s an expert. So If you know how you like your burger, by all means, have it your way.  But, If you want to try something fun and different then try it this way, because this burger is Plump, juicy and full of flavor.

Burger Toppings are up to You

I didn’t add “Exact” amounts of anything in this Burger recipe.  Hamburgers are pretty self explanatory and I’m sure you know what you like on it and what you don’t so use this as a basic guide only.  I will mention that you should definitely salt and pepper both sides of your meat patties thoroughly and absolutely butter and toast your buns.  But, that’s all I’m going to say as a must do.  Toppings, from there on out, are going to have to be up to you and the way you think you like your hamburgers.  Personally, I do recommend everything that is listed, down below the video.

If you’re interested in cooking some sides to go along with your DGB Burger, try my Onion Rings or Sweet Potato fries.  I swear that they are, absolutely, the very best of recipes.  The onion rings are crispy and tasty as ever and the Sweet Potato Fries have two dipping sauce recipes that are unmatched.

Double Ground Beef Burger Ingredients:

1 lb 80/20 Ground Beef (or Beef Chuck)
Hamburger Buns
Red Onion
Ketchup and Mustard
Salt and Pepper

Watch and follow the basic instructions in the Double Ground Beef Burger video tutorial.