Holiday Update for December

I’m looking forward to getting this Months recipes up and running for you starting this week.  After Thanksgiving, unfortunately, my whole family, including myself, fell very ill.  So I’m a little behind on what I want to Upload to YouTube and post for you here.  But, I’m very exciting to let you in on what I’ve got planned.  Just remember that it is the holiday season so I’ve got to leave some surprises.

First off, I want to remind you about the Vita Versa Bamboo Cutting Boards I filmed and posted a few weeks back.  If you don’t already know, you get a discount right now using this code REDDITCB but only through the holiday’s when you use this link

You should also be aware that I am going to be posting about more awesome quality kitchen products you can get at great low prices.  These aren’t products I get paid to advertise and I’m not filming these to annoy you either.  In fact it’s quite the opposite and you can read more about it HERE to find out how you can have a chance to win anything and everything I’m reviewing for free.

Now this Holiday Season is going to be quite exciting.  I love Christmas and I wanted to pick up my skills a bit in the filming/editing department before I really started introducing recipes that would be fun for you to do in your kitchen.

I’ve come to realize that there are holiday traditions that many of us have heard of others practicing or maybe things that we saw in a movie somewhere that we really have never experienced ourselves and would like to but where to start…?  Well I think I’ve got you covered and I want start the month with the basics.  And as always give you the best of the best of recipes so you can just fall in love with what you’ve created.

Here’s a list of things I’m planning to do for you this Holiday Season!

1)  Drop Biscuits – So you’ve got to learn my Egg Gravy Recipe!
2)  Classic Roasted Chestnuts
3)  Coffee using a French Press
4)  Dessert’s and Candy Treats – I won’t get specific yet 😉
5)  Toasted Marshmallow Hot Cocoa – OMG This is good
6)  Homemade Wheat Bread – My Grandfathers recipe
7)  Smothered Salmon – Onions & Peppers in Butter Wine Broth

So if you think that’s something to look forward to, keep your eyes peeled because the fun begins this week!