Non-Stick Cookware Review Blue Diamond vs. MSMK PRO

Nonstick Pans Review

I know that some of us use non-stick pans and others absolutely attest them, I get it. I’ve heard everything under the sun, believe me, about pot and pan preferences. I’m not interested in debating anyone because, most likely, they’re right and doing what’s right, for them and that’s great. I just thought that I could share some cookware comparisons for those who are interested in Nonstick pans that are practically restaurant quality. So, I put together another video tutorial for you to see what I found.

MSMK PRO Cookware Specs

In this video tutorial, I share a variety of pans that I have used and filmed over the years. Some of which were Nonstick and some that were not. I’ve arrived to the simple conclusion that we need better cookware and it needs to be affordable. I chose one of the most cost efficient and popular pans on the market today, Blue Diamond’s 12″ Nonstick Skillet, and compared it to MSMK PRO 12″ Nonstick Skillet.

MSMK Cookware is, however, a PAID SPONSOR but I have never let that deator or distort my views and opinions. I believe in the products or I don’t endorse them. My video, honestly, is a straight forward “infomercial”, if you will, but as you know I always give more information in these blog posts. The following is text, straight from the sponsor and manufacturer. My video is down below.

  1. Point 1: PRO NONSTICK-Non Stick Technology

We suggest you cook eggs to show this feature

Get restaurant-quality meals at home just like a pro chef with MSMK non-stick frying pan set! Coated with a triple layer of nonstick material and tough titanium ceramic diamond compound to make them super durable. USA and GRE TUV approved, PFOA FREE, no nickel, lead, and other heavy metals, safe for children, PTFE&PFAS Free


The pans Y-shaped structure allows the handle to dissipate heat effectively and keep the handle cool continuously, keeping yourself and your loved ones safe when cooking. 

The sealed design with stainless steel surface refined polishing prevents any soup or sauce from getting inside, making it easy to clean. 

Plus, the hole at the end of the handle allows for easy hanging on a wall, saving valuable storage space in your cabinets


4mm-thick smooth stainless steel bottom & pot design with a thick mouth and thin body allow for more even heat distribution, creating perfect omelets without burning the bottom on your induction hob, smooth bottom is designed to avoid scratching up the glass hob, Heats up 15% faster than other cookware

  1. OVEN SAFE TO 700℉, Common pans can only make it  450℉ safe

OVEN SAFE TO 700℉: With our cookware, you can seamlessly transition your sautéed dishes straight into the oven for final changes,700℉ safe, without sacrificing taste or quality.

Our non-stick coating adds ease, efficiency, and peace of mind to your cooking experience.

Nonstick Cookware video tutorial comparison video by PoorMansGourmet.

My Opinion about this Cookware

As I mentioned in the video, I think the best nonstick pan is going to infuse a more durable cooking surface that doesn’t scratch, a skillet that can endure higher temperatures and doesn’t warp or deteriorate quickly.

These pans also compare to a more popular set and brand made by Ninja but they’re expensive. These Pots and Pans look almost identical to those and have higher temp ratings. I’ve also been authorized to offer a temporary discount code for my followers so, if you’re interested, take full advantage of this opportunity.

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