Holiday Coffee Recipe

Holiday Coffee

Seasonal Coffee is the Best

This Holiday Coffee Recipe is a real fun way to kick off your December with the latest tastes and fragrances of this Winter Season.  You’ve got a balance of a Classic Roast with a hint of Cinnamon, Cloves and Orange Marmalade.  It smells festive and it tastes like the Holidays are, literally, in the air.  So if you’re looking for a recipe that everyone will enjoy, look now further, this blend is for you.

French Press Coffee

In this recipe I’m using a French Press to derive every last drop of flavor for every cup of Coffee.  These are very easy to use and fairly inexpensive.  In fact the one I’m using here is made by Kona.  It was sent to me recently to demonstrate it’s use so I can give one away for free to one of you that likes, comments and shares this recipe.  I will choose one lucky winner this next week.  All you have to do is help me get the word out about this recipe and Poor Man’s Gourmet Kitchen.  This is my way of saying thank you for all of your support.  And remember you can follow me on facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram!

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Holiday Coffee Ingredients:

1/3 cup Ground Coffee, Classic Roast or your favorite
1/2 tsp Ground Cinnamon
1/4 tsp Ground Cloves
1/4 cup Orange Marmalade
4 cups water

All of the instructions can be found in my Holiday Coffee video tutorial, above.

Instant Coffee Frappuccino

Instant Coffee FrappuccinoThe Best Instant Coffee Frappuccino!

I know that it takes balls to post an Instant Coffee Frappuccino.  Everyone is a connoisseur right.  You LIKE YOUR COFFEE THE WAY YOU LIKE IT!  Well that’s great!  Nobody’s knocking you for it.  But what about those instant coffee days?  You know when you’re running late but you still need your “fix” or “that’s all they had in the break room” days.  Enough excuses though, already!  What about the days that are just so hot or you need to drink something so cool?  Yep, you got it.  As long as you’ve got a blender, this Instant Coffee Frappuccino recipe literally only takes 2 minutes to crank out and after you try one, I know you’ll be a believer too!

Hershey Syrup

Caramel or Mocha Frappuccino

I don’t care if you’ve got a Vitamix, a Ninja or a Bullet Blender, that you like to just throw in your back pack and go,  this Instant Coffee Frappuccino recipe will have you saving money on day one.  Isn’t that reason enough just to give this a try?  I mean, I’m not saying that it’s like Kopi Luwak, by any means, but there are 3 easy ways here, using this same recipe, that can send you spinning in the right direction.  And, believe it or not, If you want a Caramel Instant Coffee Frappuccino, just add Caramel Syrup, and for a Mocha, add Chocolate.  I’m telling you, it’s that easy and it’s that worth doing because it tastes that good!

Instant Coffee Frappuccino Ingredients:

4 cups Ice
1 cup Hot Water
4 tbsp Instant Coffee Granules
5 tbsp Sugar
3/4 cup Cream
1/3 cup Caramel or Hershey Syrup (Optional for Mocha or Caramel Frappuccinos)
Whip Cream (Optional)

It doesn’t get any easier than this.  Melt the Instant Coffee Crystals and Granulated Sugar in one cup of hot water and stir.  Drop a couple of ice cubes in the hot water to cool it off afterwards, then combine all other ingredients in a blender and Puree.  Enjoy your Instant Coffee Frappuccino topped with Whipped Cream if you’d like.