Carne Asada Recipe for Cocheta Beef Tacos

My Easy Carne Asada Recipe

A friend of mine introduced me to a Mexican style roast called Cocheta De Res, which I use for a Carne asada recipe. This by far makes the most delicious Carne Asada tacos I have ever eatin’! A slow roast in a Crockpot starts first thing in the morning before I go to work and it’s ready to shred, season and sear when I come home. Throw in all my favorite freshie-veggies and some white corn tortillas and we’re good to go!

About this Carne asada recipe

This recipe is very simple and practically all the work is done for you. The best thing is much like the “B”-King, you can have it your way, and any beef roast can be substituted. You’ll need a slow cooker(unless you prefer the oven), a Beef roast, Canola oil, fresh garlic, your favorite onions and/or scallions, cilantro,1 lime, salt and pepper, and last but not least your favorite tortilla’s. The rest is up to you.

Introducing my Carne asada recipe

1 4 to 5lbs. Beef roast (preferably Cocheta)
1 handful chopped Cilantro
1 Lime (squeezed)
½ Diced Bell Pepper
1/2 Diced White or Yellow onion (your preference)
1 tsp. Minced garlic
2 Green onion stalks diced into Scallions
Salt and pepper to taste

Carne asada recipe instructions

10 hours of cook time in a slow cooker on low heat. Then separate the meat and sear in a skillet with Canola oil, garlic, onions, and cilantro. One whole lime is added during the sear and it was what really gives it’s additional flavor to the Carne asada recipe. Add salt and pepper to your personal taste.

Putting everything together is very simple and you can use all of your favorite taco toppings. In this recipe and in no specific order I use Tomatoes, Avocado, white rice with butter and cilantro, lettuce, green enchilada sauce, cheese and sour cream. I load everything into warm white corn tortillas.  And there you have it; Carne asada recipe for Cocheta beef tacos.