Pizza HutPizza Hut at the Helm?

So the last few months my “Rollero” video I posted with youtube for the Poor Mans Gourmet Kitchen blog was getting allot of hits out of NO WHERE…it was the least watched video I’ve had until one day I was averaging 20 to 30 plus hits a day on the Rollero video alone….nothing I know, but compared to a total of maybe 10 hits for a 3 week period it seemed pretty substantial, it didn’t go viral or anything but it attracted some kind of attention from someone that was getting it out to others or something…maybe another blogger re-posted it, I didn’t know. Then a few weeks ago the video views COMPLETELY stopped…..WHY? That was a weird little run of views out of no where that lasted for a few months to just suddenly halt.

Now let’s jump to this morning when I get the newspaper coupons in the mail today…front and center Pizza Hut is advertising their so called “P’zolo”…..seriously?? My Rollero, their P’zolo…??!!! COME ON!!!!!!


This isn’t a coincidence, and I’m not delusional! It looks to me like my Rollero video, , got studied and passed around the Pizza Hut corporation for a couple of months, because I certainly haven’t been getting mad hits from anything I’ve been doing, and the hits just so happen to stop a few weeks ago just in time for Pizza Hut to introduce their new copycat product of my Rollero, the P’zolo!  Original blog post here:

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

Pizza HutGotta Love Pizza Hut

I’ve got to admit, it’s quite flattering I suppose, and I’m sure that many skeptics could dismiss this as only quite coincidental but there are a few things here you really have to consider and take into account before you pass judgment.

First, my Rollero is fantastic and the sheer genius of my recipe using pizza dough is uncanny; not to mention that it’s a fun item that people would love to try, so why wouldn’t Pizza Hut want it on their menu?

2nd, obviously my video sparked up some real interest somewhere, and it seems to me that I was getting enough hits to be passed around an entire building of cooperate employees studying the possibilities of making the Rollero one of their products.

3rd, the very name itself, P’zolo; sure, I get it, Calzone/P’Zone, Rollero/P’Zolo.

4th, Look at the damn pics and see for yourself, seriously! Pizza Hut’s P’Zolo is really my Rollero! I rest my case!

Crash Course:The Poor Man’s Gourmet Kitchen!

I’m on the road…working for a living; imagine that!  Out of the convenience of traveling so much for work and always being the few and far between, I’m currently renting a “furnished” apartment with a kitchen to die for. And when I say to die for I mean if you saw it you would die! No space, no counter space; no counters; well at least not on the sides of the stove where counters should be; just an empty space where counters use to be. There are two ways in; an entrance at the front door and an exit out the back to the dining area slash HALLWAY! I have a refrigerator that is lucky to have a freezer. Not just because it’s small but because it already crapped out on me and the maintenance replaced the motor. I have a few cupboards, a few shelves, some cookware, minimal dishes and a semi sharp knife. And believe it or not, this entire site has only been made possible by the multitasking of my cell phone.  All video footage, photographs and web edting is being brought to you by a 3G touchscreen Android. And It is from this humble abode I bring to you The Poor Man’s Gourmet Kitchen!